Tell me what you thought about when you were gone

I'm Amber,

The poetic and noble land mermaid.
23 and you're still mad at me.
Florida now & Seattle someday.

I wish I could live in perpetual 1999-2003.
My favorite things include mermaids, makeup and Disney.
All I watch is Justified, Parks & Recreation, How I Met Your Mother, Once Upon a Time, Gossip Girl & Pretty Little Liars.

Mostly Pretty Little Liars.
Yellowcard will forever be my favorite band,

& I'll always be an N*sync fan girl.
My spirit animal is an Orca whale.
In love with love.
I have way too many feelings.
I embrace my inner child.
Give me milk, and I'll love you forever.
Treat me well, I'll treat you better.
I do what I do, and I am unapologetic for it.
I will give you too much love. Ask three sixty-something Project >

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Amy Poehler: Mean Girls - Mrs. George (2004) vs. Parks & Recreation - Leslie Knope (2014)

this is everything and I will reblog it as many times as needed

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Parks and Rec Ice Cream Print by Tyler Feder


Parks and Rec Ice Cream Print by Tyler Feder

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if u wanna date me I hope u like excessive swearing and long talks about feminism

this time things went too far
this time I think there’s no room for forgiveness




this is a hat you can buy



…………..I own this hat…………

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Toddrick Hall and AJ Rafael re-creating Disney’s best moments

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Do you love Disney Channel Original movies?

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// ❤️💋

// ❤️💋

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OMG we officially bought our disney passes today!!! We are going in 2 days for the first time in a year and a half and that seems like forever. I miss it so much! I am so excited I can’t sleep and I can’t stop thinking about it.

I’m so upset because my eye has started hurting and I’m going to be so upset if it’s infected again because I didn’t even do anything wrong this time. I need to wear contacts to disney! So if my eye is infected obviously I can’t do that :/

So here’s hoping that whatever it is goes away by saturday!! I want to just sleep through tomorrow and wake up pain free and ready to leave for disney!

It’s so nice to have something to feel excited about

Ok, eye. If you get infected again I will scratch you out myself.
I am so over this bullshit I didn’t even do anything this time D:

my thoughts on the HIMYM series finale

*Spoiler alert…..duh*

finally finished the entire HIMYM series. I know. Took me long enough.

But truth be told I had the ending spoiled for me the day after it aired. After that I wasn’t in a huge rush to finish. My bf and I were really far behind in season 9 so we just kept putting it off.

But now that it’s on netflix I finally finished and can write my thoughts.

First of all, I love How I Met Your Mother. It’s just such a good show, I don’t know how anyone could hate it. 

However I also recognize that I have completely different thoughts on the series than most people. I have always believed Ted and Robin to be endgame. I have always loved Ted and in fact he pulls at my heart strings in a way that makes me believe I have a full on crush on a fictional character.

I’ve learned that not a lot of people necessarily like or identify with Ted. So that’s fun. But clearly I’m biased.

So first of all most of season 9 was so great. It was the perfect amount of funny and serious. Mushy and awkward. Sentimental and throwback jokes. I loved loved loved it. Sure there was some filler and it was a little odd that they stretched out the wedding weekend into a whole season but I digress. There were so many great “sum up” moments and so many great throwback jokes. 

So anyway like I said I already knew what was coming in the finale. And before I had seen it I realized I was one of the few (if not only) people who were not outraged. In fact I felt pretty content.

After seeing the finale for myself I have to say that my opinion mostly stayed the same. The things I would change are how quickly it wrapped up. WAY too abrupt. Needed way more of a sentimental send off.

But I feel the need to explain why I support the ending choices so much.

First and foremost yes I always believed Ted and Robin belonged together. 
They explored this during the final season- he was the one always there for her. He was the one always wanting to help and love her. He always was. 
Ted was everything that a ‘soulmate’ should be IN MY OPINION. A lot of the things that happened in the final season with Barney/Robin were really sweet but ultimately things that could not be changed. It was sweet and romantic that Barney promised to stop lying and that they both realized they need to communicate better. But waiting until your wedding weekend to realize these things is a little late. Ultimately they wanted to change for each other because of love but realistically, who Barney was as a person was not the right person for Robin. I truly believe that. 

SO, in this ending, Robin and Barney got to have their happy ever after for a little while before realizing love doesn’t solve everything. Robin got to travel, like she always wanted. 
Then when they divorced Barney went back to the only thing that seemed right for him and came naturally to him- being a womanizing douche.

I feel like this was necessary that they gave it their best shot and realized it wasn’t meant to be and they separated for reasons other than Ted. 

Now, the mother. I loved her OBViously. They made her very lovable for a reason. She was perfect. She was perfect for Ted. 
I don’t think her dying diminished at all the love her and Ted had for each other. It doesn’t make the series moot like some people believe. 
People die and you have to move on. It’s very painful but it’s reality. Tracy did it before she met Ted so she would obviously understand and want the same for him.  

I don’t think it makes Robin the “love of his life” more than Tracy. She is the mother to their children. He speaks so very highly of her the whole time. His feelings are clear.

HOWEVER what happened was perfect;
Robin got to travel. 
Barney got to go back to being Barney until of course he becomes a dad. Nothing else matters after that and that’s very heartwarming considering he had his share of daddy issues so it’s really wonderful to see him step up to the plate completely and fall in love with his child. 

But Ted still got what he needed. Which was the sweeping all consuming love. Likewise, he got the children he always wanted. He got to have children and Robin didn’t have to. And Barney got what he never knew he needed- also a child- which he never would have gotten if he had stayed with Robin.

It goes without saying that Marshall and Lily of course would be together forever. I’m glad they didn’t mess with that or add any other surprises. 

So I think that accurately sums up (although not very articulately) why I liked the end game of HIMYM. it was what everyone didn’t know they needed. Everyone got everything.

Other than the mother, of course. She deserved more screen time/a better send off but unfortunately people die and that’s life and it’s depressing and horrible but it’s real. But she still got her happy ending she still got a marriage and children. She still got ted. 

Anyway I think my favorite joke of the whole series was when Ted pulled out the pregnancy test and Billy Zabka goes “you can smoke those?” I’m not kidding I laughed so hard I cried. 

My phone is at 12% battery with a broken charger but I just really needed to share this picture of my view right now. My precious view.

My phone is at 12% battery with a broken charger but I just really needed to share this picture of my view right now. My precious view.

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I just read a real, serious, rant about how Frozen, the fifth highest grossing film in box office history, is a fad.

Yes, they are really seriously arguing that the highest grossing animated film of all time is a fad.

Okay, dude. How’s that fantasy world you live in?

Hyped, I could give you. But fad? Are you serious.

when you realize how little you actually mean to people it’s a pretty big blow.

When you realize that you could stop talking, stop posting, just disappear and no one would even notice…

you are that far gone off everyone’s radar. they wouldn’t even notice you were missing.







A.N. and I just laughed at this forever







A.N. and I just laughed at this forever

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